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Our NO TRIP FEE POLICY is a special, and might NOT always be available. Speak to an agent to find out more. Our company performs Local moves multiple times a day. If you need skilled man power & a truck, Concise Movers can help. We have a NO TRIP FEE POLICY. However if the distance between your starting & final destination is more than 5 miles, a small mileage fee might apply. 

What we do & more

Our Movers come equipped.

Our crews come fully equipped. Each truck has 40 moving blankets, stretch plastic wraps, appliances & furniture dollies, bubble wraps for fragile items and more. Most important our crews are licensed & insured. The clock starts when the crews gets to your starting address, and ends when they are finished with unloading.

How to prepare for your movers

Before your move day, discuss with our pros about who is handling packing. To make your process simpler for your move to be quick, packing plays a huge role.

Allowing Concise Movers crew to handle packing / unpacking services has many benefits. The benefit is our professional touch. Lets face it, you can pack your kitchen up. But if you don’t protect them well, you can have lots of damaged plates and appliances after your move. Our crews are properly trained to pack and wrap your items safely. When packing different rooms or areas in your home or business, you can forget to properly label them. This can confuse and stress you out when its time to unload. Concise Movers crew are trained to properly label boxes. The third benefit is you can just kick your feet up and not stress yourself 🙂

If you are going to handle organizing your items, packing stuff into boxes, folding clothes, clearing out cabinets. It is advised you do it before move day. So when your crew arrives, everything is ready for them to GO.

2hrs avg packing time 

When possible we recommend our clients to reserve elevators and a parking spot for our truck(s). If your crew have a hard time finding a good spot to park, they might end up parking the truck far. This will add to the time of your move, its best to find them a spot close to your unit. Busy elevators in apartments also cause delays. When possible, reserve an elevator.

Avg time saved 1.5hrs 

As much as Concise Movers love our furry friends, our crews can not work when your pets are not in their kernel. To reduce liability to you or our crews, its best we love our furry friends from a distance 🙂. If you have Wildlife animals like snakes, we will not be able to accept the job.

Avg pain level of a dog bite : 100%

On move day a lot is going on. Concise Movers will send a 2 or 3 man crew over. You are also in there, your kids, spouse, siblings, friends, cable man are also in the home. As much as we love seeing friendly faces, it can delay your move. We will all be in each others way. For the fastest move time, try to reduce foot traffic in the home

Reducing foot traffic can save 2.5+hrs

Our crews require at least 1 person at the location of the move at all times. This is to protect our crews from liability.

1 person required at service address

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